Sailing islands hopping around Greece PART 1

What was I saying that the best yacht is the one that belongs to your friend?

yacht owner

Well lucky for me I had an invitation by my friend Thanassis who owns a Beneteau Oceanis 41.


We would be sailing along with his wife and another couple that would make 6 of us in a 41 footer..


Here is the crew…

sailing crew

Good thing is that the new series of Oceanis has so wide and efficient accommodation that can be compared with a 45 footer easily!

We would be sailing from the 8th of August for 6 days (only… I am too greedy, don’t you think???)

I was a bit concerned about the weather in August since in Greece the so called Meltemi seems to be blowing high level north winds in most of the times.

Lucky for us after checking the weather forecast we had calm weather and we decided to head to the Cyclades.

Our departing port was Alimos marina, where Thanassis has his boat moored.


yacht dimokritus



Boat name is Dimokritos. The time he does not use her he has her under management to DREAM YACHT CHARTERS. They seem to charter the yacht and at the end of the day he gets some his money back but that’s another story we have the time to analyze at a later stage.

Thanassis was quite busy on Saturday and he would be arriving late. He suggested that we could gather onboard have some drinks, get used to the boat order some food from a local souvlaki place (typical Greek masterpiece..). This way we would start our vacation earlier and depart as quickly as possible!

During the evening I could hear some weird sounds as if someone was singing.. I asked Thanassis the next day.. Near the marina there is a BOUZOUKIA place (the most famous Greek singing party with live music). The place is called THEA and is well known for playing music until early morning.

Somewhere between music from far away and my dreams I heard an engine starting.. It was 07.30 and we were already off. Thanassis had already bought café and cheese pies for everyone.. We had started!!

Slowly everyone left their beds and came out after an hour or so.. We were heading for our first stop which would be Kythnos. We were estimating to reach in 5 hours or so.


island hopping in greece map

The weather was not windy and we would be motoring most of the time.
Somewhere between Sounion (almost half way) we had some wind of 22-25 knots and it was a bit of a fun to see women onboard trim the sails..

We reached Kolona bay which is one of the most popular beaches where the land divides the sea into 2 pieces. Magnificent view and very clear waters.

Kolona bay kithnos

We anchored just near the gulf and there it was. We were diving into the big blue! We had taken with us the trendy SUP by fanatic and quickly Costas and Ioanna were heading towards exploring the area.