Sailing islands hopping around Greece PART 2

Back to the boat there was not much to say at that time, while Thanassis was working very hard with keeping the boat in place-below you can see him in action…

thanasis relaxing sail boat

We spent some time doing nothing but diving swimming and relaxing. The boat had a nice hydraulic platform which is fantastic for the living onboard. The size of the Oceanis 41 looks like a bigger boat allowing everybody to move freely and easily inside.

After quite some time under the sun we got bit of a sunburn and decided to dive once more and then start heading to Merichas port which was the closest port near Kolona bay. It is only a 5 minute distance to cover on engine.

Remember how it all started…. island hopping in greece ….

Merichas is the main port of Kythnos (where all the ferries approach), (you have a second option for mooring in Loutra which is on the other side of the island in the south side – more packed though with more difficult mooring).

We spent some time finding a slot available, the place seemed quite packed. We were lucky enough and a rib just left the port and we somehow fitted approaching the dock. We threw 2 mooring lines in the back and we were ready to spend the night in Kythnos. I was the one that went to the port police and asked for a card to use in the electic pylars so we could connect to the shore power and recharge our batteries. The port police is the first kiosk on the left side as you look the dock from the sea. We were finally connected and I was back to the boat to have a normal shower and prepare myself for our evening tour in Kythnos.

We had dinner onboard prepared by the ladies while the sun was already set. After dinner we initially went for a walk in Mericha and decided to have an ice cream in one of the little stores located in the other side of the bay.



Here is Ioanna and Lila in the port of Mericha during our discussion of going to the ‘chora’ or not. Finally four of us decided to have a drive in the main city while the remaining two would stay onboard.

girls shooting at kythnos island

Kythnos city turned out to be very beautiful and colorful. I was glad that I finally decided to have a look since the ‘chora’ gave me another glance and perspective (more beautiful I mean) so I was quite surprised with the nightlife and island vibe.

Next morning we woke up, the weather was very calm so we decided to leave so we could have breakfast while sailing to our next island which would be Serifos. I went in a local traditional bakery, bought some hot fresh cheesepies (they had just taken them out of the oven) along with coffee for everyone went back to our boat and we left the port heading to Serifos.

leaving kythnos, mericha port

Leaving Mericha port behind..

Happy people, happy faces while the Captain was heading to our next island

happy faces at sailing

Somewhere along the way and while we were between Kythnos I heard Costas saying:

“The depth according to the plotter is 235 meters” he whispered. And there it was..

Engine stopped, yacht stopped and 3 of us dived without second thought..

swimming in nowhere with sailing


And for those of you that have any doubts..

swimming by the yacht

We approached Serifos on the east side and we were looking for a place to anchor and relax.

In Greece the story is as follows, 1st you see a bay that you like, for us it was the one below..

At serifos searching for a bay

The closest neighbors were at that distance!

alone at serifos

We released the anchor and OUR MAN IN CHARGE OF THE MOORING LINES AKA ‘THANASSIS” had some work to do

releasing the anchor anywhere

Under the directions of the eye of our Captain we were sure for one thing: JOB DONE

captain crew

Boat moored, crystal clear waters of Serifos, Stand up paddle into the water. We were on vacation!

serifos clear sea waters

Shortly we started exploring the area around our boat, taking advantage of the temperature of the sea. The water was one of the most clear I had seen in my life check below:

crystal clear waters in serifos bay

And underwater

serifos underwater



to be continued…